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I chose to nestle the bookshelf under the roof to free up floor space and create a horizon line that stretches the space and evokes a landscape. This horizon continues on the perpendicular wall, delimiting a colorful space that runs down the staircase and links the two floors of the apartment. The blue and pink fabrics of the two armchairs were carefully chosen to echo the blue and brick shades of the walls. The coffee table and sofa enrich the chromatic range of a living room both warm and colorful.

Below the living room, you arrive in the apartment through a floor-to-ceiling brick-red entrance. The corridor leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms, punctuated by colorful moments such as the acid yellow and powder pink doors. The glass banister is visible only through the reflections it creates and the fine lines it draws in space.

Photo : ©David Cousin-Marsy

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