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This former attic, characterized by an omnipresent roof structure, is home to three distinct spaces: a modular TV area, a large study and a sofa lounge that can be converted into an extra bedroom.

The sofa is composed of 3 geometric elements that create a sort of segmented arch facing the TV.

The element at the end is mobile, transforming the space into a convivial lounge.

The panoramic desk with its suspended shelves is the first thing you see as you climb the stairs from the living room to the lower floor. It offers an effect of transparency and depth of space, in which the shelves of the TV area interlock with those of the office.

The lounge area features a corner sofa set against a large storage unit. The 2 sofas can be placed side by side to become a 140x200 cm bed, transforming this space into an extra bedroom. The shelf suspended between the beams becomes the headboard, and the curtain guarantees privacy for the sleepers. A cabin under the roof!

Photo : ©David Cousin-Marsy

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