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SAINT JAMES at Paris Madeleine

The new retail concept, developed in collaboration with Atelier Aurélie Rimbert for the brand SAINT JAMES, arrives at last in the historic boutique on rue Tronchet, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, right next to the Place de la Madeleine. 

Spreading across the entire window, we imagined a scenery of rope braided on solid oak woodden structures. This graphic decor plays with different levels of transparency, creating windows like so many zooms on well-chosen products or openings for a look through the depth of the shop.

The window exists both from the street and inside the shop.

Suspended, folded on shelves, composed in hanging silhouettes or presented on mannequins ; printed on posters, or gathered in bins... the diversity of the presentation modes keeps curiosity awake to appreciate the entire collection.

Furniture designed like canopies and inspired by weaving looms creates alcoves and lines in the space that draws and strctures it.

Photo : ©Romain Bourdais

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