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In this apartment located in a former factory and marked by its vaulted ceiling and metal beams, the project consisted in rethinking the layout and furniture of the 3 bedrooms, the bathroom and an office-library space on the mezzanine.

The office and the library: two spaces facing each other on the mezzanine which large benches respond to each other in a mineral atmosphere rich in textures.

Upstairs, the master bedroom, intimate and cozy with its black and wood headboard and its molded shutters, benefits from a carefully studied lighting.

The bathroom offers a play of color and materials with a denim blue waxed concrete and a dark wood vanity.


The girl's bedroom was designed with a light oak platform supporting the bed and extending into a soft space, while the little brother inspired a world of blue palisade huts.

Photo : ©Helene Langlois 2021

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