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Photo : ©Helene Langlois 2020


In an atypical apartment in the 20th district of Paris, design of the two children's bedrooms.


In the boy's bedroom we created a mezzanine by opening the upper part of the wall to use the spare space above the corridor ceiling. To access this new floor, we imagined a sober and graphic staircase made of solid wood with a steel railing.

On the mezzanine, a small but cosy space dedicated to the sleeping time with shelves and storage and a special attention to the lighting. In the space of the bedroom, a huge cupboard with a bookshelf space invests the four meters of height under the ceiling, while an office space takes shape naturally under the staircase.

In the girl's bedroom, we leaned the bed on a large and generous bookshelf with a big trunk for storage. A curtain continues the claustra of slats at the end of the shelves to create an intimate and warm atmosphere.

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