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Photo : ©David Cousin-Marsy

AN ATTIC in Burgundy

In this beautiful 19th century property, the attic space has been converted to accommodate four bedrooms and three bathrooms.


In the master suite, a central piece of furniture, flush with the beam, plays with the slant it creates in the room. On both sides of the low white wall into which the foot of the beam blends, two triangular pieces of furniture become a desk and headboard.

A double door slides over a water-green wall and leads to the bathroom.

The parquet on the floor and the overhead woodwork ensure visual continuity between the bedroom and its bathroom. The pattern of the bedroom's coffered doors is echoed on the drawer fronts of the vanity unit, as well as on the doors of the wardrobe, which runs around the bathtub, making the most of the sloping space.

Each room has its own identity, its own décor, its own color, like the green bathroom, with its cabinet nestled under the wooden beam, its porthole mirror and its rounded pine-green cabinet with matching handles.

Headboards, closets hidden behind wallpaper, forest landscapes or faded undergrowth, light oak furniture, smooth or textured stone on walls or worktops compose an ensemble both delicate and full of surprises.

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